Interface bankrupt gangs and terrorism in the field

07 Jan

Provided events Syrian a more realistic picture of the fact oppositions Syrian rival, which has become all departments follow-up talks with disgust about their conditions deteriorating political, and degeneration of the level of communication between parties and between their groupings, and even among the participants in those gatherings, has revealed the break to talk about a joint paper between the Council of Istanbul and the size of the decline of political coordination and individualism in the structure of the Syrian opposition and the amount of colonial dependence of alliance and his cronies for the Council of Istanbul, which is confined to his call for a global war on Syria to impose the agenda of Colin Powell’s famous and ensure Israel’s hegemony over the region.

Revealed the inability Western alliance and regional custodian of these components for upgrading to the assumed U.S. planners and implementers Qataris and Turks, a project of political structure represents the interface local coherent plan for the destruction force the Syrian, and worse draft an alternative authority, but Alablg Worse, in fact oppositions Syrian is what his campaign recently the level of activity in the field.

First, after he was upholding the Arab Initiative, the content of political discourse of the objections that questioned the acceptance of the national state of the Syrian initiative, I was shocked caving with the terms of the Syrian leadership and there is a protocol was signed between the State and the Arab League, instead of welcoming the move and meet her to complement the initiative of the initiation of the national dialogue, go Board of Istanbul about defamation initiative and the university and mission observers, accusing them of collusion with the Syrian authorities to turn out to be a result of the bankruptcy and disability experienced by the opposition abroad and some at home, and is the result of a process of design of the U.S. to thwart the Arab initiative and open the doors of internationalization, which revealed its course recommendations U.S. planners from Washington three months ago of trying to derail negotiations between Damascus and the university and the transition to the UN Security Council with the practice under intense pressure to shift positions after the Russian and Chinese veto in the dual meet any decision to cover intervention in Syria.

Second, while the successful Syrian state in the confession its cooperation with the mission of the university and was able to show the actual scene, the Syrian, which confirms the credibility of the official account of the existence of small protests of Mahaziba oppositions in the rural provinces of the center, along with the presence of armed gangs belonging to the objections and the Council of Istanbul in particular, and especially to the powers the twin organized Muslim Brotherhood and the Takfir Groups, led by Adnan Aeraour from Saudi Arabia.

Testimony heard by the observers made ​​a huge amount of evidence for the kidnapping and killing by the militants on the ground, and the massacres committed by the dead bodies of the representation of the Council of mercenaries and insurgents takfiris Istanbul in more than one city and the province of Syria.

Has inspected the observers also arenas of mass murder, which witnessed the suicide bombings in Damascus during the period of their existence, the explosions look like a new line of work groups takfiri terrorist that have been activated and were double the size of the infiltration regulating the remnants of Al Qaeda and groups Alzerquaouih and groups takfiri across the Lebanese border and the Jordanian and Turkish.

Third Terrorist attacks and suicide bombings aimed at compensating for the inability oppositions in all configurations politically, organizationally and mass for activation of the protests and expand the geographical scope because of the retreat popular great about objections that focus slogans to lure foreign intervention and disappeared reforms completely from its vocabulary, as opposed to dynamic high for the majority of the popular support of the state and the army and to President Assad that has occurred in the Syrian street as a result of exposure to project the real of the Council of Istanbul since the statements denounced the proof pipe and also because the vast Syrian popular support for President Bashar al-Assad and the State of the Syrian national expanded rather than back down while living partisans of opposition state of confusion and confusion before the exposure of the criminal nature of the activities of the field the opposition more than one area in Syria, in the countryside and in Homs Idleb Hama and opposition militants turned to gangs, bandits have been documented more than two thousand cases of abduction by gunmen affiliated brothers and atonement of the Council of Istanbul, not to mention financial blackmail operations for the crimes of murder, rape and representation in which they reside in the areas of control in those provinces.

We have dropped the months elapsed from the events of Syria, many of the masks and exposed the fabrication media and the Syrian citizen living today, one fact is the support of the national state and its army to impose stability and to filter the hotbeds of terrorism and blasphemy while the reform, which disappeared from the speeches of opposition rival does not exist except in the agenda of President Bashar al-Assad is designed to update Syrian state and the renewal of its institutions on the basis of the choice of resistance and independence and Arabism, which constitutes for the majority of the popular base of the Syrian identity and affiliation, since ancient times, during which defeated the Syrians at all invasions and colonial plans and that is the most common idea in their consciousness today.


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