Naval Airpower Expo, prelude to Syrian Desert Fox

26 Nov


aircraft carrier…
…vs. the Russian
Kuznetsov aircraft carrier

The naval build up along Syrian shores, where the latest move is Russia‘s last ditch attempt to match the slight naval deployment the USA has deployment, cannot decide the faith of the doomed Syrian regime, the Iranian contagion or the Petroleum supply side since Syria simply lacks any i.e. the year 2002 declaration by which Petroleum would have been found in Syria simply excused Iraqi Petroleum deliveries by road from Iraq. Iran isn’t going to respond since this American direct power projection has already denied it of its only strategic asset abroad, shrinking its line of defense down to its Petroleum refineries, i.e. from the foreign diggings in Lebanon back to a genuine bunker mentality at home.

Each of the two navies has deployed deployed a single aircraft carrier,thus sufficient for fleet defense rather not for amassing an attack by means of naval air power.While the American Frigates are focused on Tomahawk launch capabilities,then the Russian ones are primarily focused on ring fencing the Russian deployments of air-defense Radar systems throughout Syria, which are being revitalized of late within larger context of S-300 SAM and Yakhont anti-ship supersonic cruise missiles.

The American MOP(Mode of Operation) here is reminiscent of the year 1998 Desert Fox power-projection campaign against the Iraqi Baath political Party by means of cruise-missile (Tomahawk) based bombardment. This time round it is pitted against the Syrian Baath political Party i.e. Assad’s regime. 

The Russian move repeats its deeds during the aftermath of the Israeli strike on the Syrian nuclear infrastructure in year 2007: production, launch capabilities and deployments. 

This isn’t effective against the present host of threats to Syrian defenses:
1. Tomahawk barrages from Sea and Air e.g. B52 on long haul flights.
2. Turkish invasion under the crawling umbrella of Patriot SAM batteries, 
    following the pattern of an attrition war, which is the optimal MOP 
    against under armed Arab dictators.
3. Any western raids via Jordan.
4. USA armored columns progressing from Iraq in to Damascus,
    via its unprotected eastern flank.
5. Ha & H3 airbases in Iraq’s corner facing Syria and Jordan.

Russia is about to loose the Indian Naval airpower market,which it has dominated with Su-33 & Mig29 MKI when a western European winner is declared in the MMRCA contest: either the French Rafale or theEurofighter Typhoon. Thus flexing its military-industrial complex muscles vs. those of the USA promotes the existential interests of both overseas counterparts like it was during the ‘Cold War’ era. For Russia the defense exports are its sole large scale industrial exports sector, thus it is obliged to make a loud international presence.
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