Russian Report confirms 70-80% of Libya remains under Gaddafi Control

09 Sep

Russian Report confirms 70-80% of Libya remains under Jamahiriya control. The Libyan people, gathered in their popular congresses and committees, are the Jamahiriya founded by Muammar Qaddafi, and are the legal de jure and de facto government of Libya. They still control the vast majority of Libya unlike what the Hilary Clinton media and NATO would have you believe

Mathaba   September 09, 2011

There are no longer any independent journalists in Libya other than those working for and reporting to Mathaba under difficult conditions with communications being monitored by NATO which is seeking via its ground forces to eliminate those reporting the truth.

The popular masses, endured 6 months of non-stop bombing by NATO and now also ground invasion forces of Al-Qaida along side British SAS with water supplies cut off, super markets in Sirte bombed along with the Friday prayers on Eid, massacres with thousands dead, all unreported in the world media.

In spite of these most cowardly forms of trying to enforce an entire population of over 6 million to surrender and accept the NATO-led heretics of Al-Qaida and other extremists as the “new government” of Libya, directed by Hilary Clinton and the U.S. State Department, the popular masses still control the vast majority of Libya with the foreign forces and puppets limited to Benghazi and some parts of Tripoli.

Where NATO has not shut down communications the citizens are terrorized by the vicious armed thugs who help themselves to peoples homes and plunder, rape and steal.  Now, information comes in in bits and pieces, occasionally.  Before, when there were a wide variety of sources of information coming from inside Libya, we had heavy corroboration.  That is not the case now but little has changed: the enemy forces control not even Tripoli which is why meetings of the foreign puppet masters still take place in Paris.

Reports from Mathaba, Syrian radio, the Leader himself, Dr. Ibrahim, are the most reliable. There is much that will be coming to light in the coming weeks and months which will shock the world, or those who care, and the scale of the suffering caused by the NATO and its rebels to a population which enjoyed the purest form of democracy in the world, which allowed them to assign themselves all the benefits that control of national resources allows: free health care, free education, free housing, free electricity and more besides.

Ownership of government by the people, by the people themselves being the government by way of legislative people’s conferences and executive elected people’s committees, allowed Libyans to attain the highest standard of living in all Africa and higher than Russia, Brazil and Saudi Arabia. They even had enough to spare $32 billion for a $42 billion project to free the entire continent of Africa from the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, with that money now stolen by the U.S.

And additional over $100 billion from the Libyan Sovereign Wealth fund has also been stolen, and Libya had 144 tons of gold reserves and was calling for payments for oil in gold and not worthless debt-printed U.S. dollar bank notes, as well as sponsoring the creation of an Africa-wide gold dinar and “Afro” currency.

These, argue analysts, are some of the real reasons for the war against Libya, with Sarkozy having said that Muammar Qaddafi and Libya’s plans created a threat to the “financial security” of the international community — the international community being the phrase used as always for the banking elite, not the world community of people of all nations.

However, precisely because of the strength of Libya and her people who carry defensive arms — at least one million are armed with AK-47 kalashnikovs for the event of any invasion — it has taken NATO 6 months of non-stop bombing and ongoing, in what will go down in military history as the most heroic and under reported war of all time, in which the world’s largest armies have failed to achieve their objectives.

Prime objective of NATO and her ground troop rebels and mercenaries, has been and remains, the elimination of Muammar Qaddafi — a rare visionary who has lived to see his dream come true of empowering the people so that they control government, wealth and arms. Another vision he has is of the United States of Africa, free from want, hunger, need and the plunder and meddling of outsiders.

That dream looks set to be achieved, with the inevitable collapse of the bankrupt west which is leading the grab for African wealth by attempting to control its strongest point of defense — Libya — and the rise to popularity not only within Africa where Qaddafi was already a legend in every remote village, but throughout the world, where people are discovering the truth about Libya and sharing it.

The Qaddafi’s ideology and movement, has given birth to people’s conferences worldwide, and new initiatives to bring to account those who have committed crimes against humanity. The media war being waged by showing a few thousand rebels in often faked settings, may fool many people, but those with intelligence have seen through the obvious lies and cannot be fooled again.

A report by Eugene Gajvoronsky which appeared in Russian confirms what we have been reporting all along, that the Libyan Jamahiriya remains and controls the majority of Libya, and that the Libyan army and defense forces too remain intact as well as the resistance led by Muammar Qaddafi and some of his sons, and notable his daughter Aisha, who is a soldier leading committed to destroying Al-Qaida.

Below follows a very rough rushed translation of the Russian report:

Tripoli: There is fighting, using artillary, in the northwestern suburbs.  In Salah Edden, three NATO-rebel jeeps were destroyed with 6 artillery shells.  Progress is being made in the southern suburb area of Azzawiya by the heavily armed soliders of Khamis al-Gaddafi.

Bani Walid: After failing to convince sheikhs and tribal elders of Bani Walid to surrender, the rats decided to not attack the city at this time.  The defenders of Bani Walid are confident in their abilities, and are determined to fight against the colonial coalition [NATO] to the end.

There have been as many as 7 different conflicting reports about the number of NATO-rebel that have attempted to besiege Bani Walid.  It has also been learned that yesterday, there was an unsuccessful attack on the city by the NATO-rebel alliance, which resulted in the destruction of hundreds of NATO-rebel by the defenders of Bani Walid.

A NATO-rebel convoy called was ambushed, and 14 NATO-rebels were killed

Sirte: The bombing of Sirte is non-stop. The sources of food in the city have been bombed by NATO. The remote city is besieged with only men being allowed out who are then shot or imprisoned, with women and families forced back. This is an incredible war crime taking place to starve and thirst and entire town and bomb it from the air along with missiles and sound bombs. Where is the international outcry, and where is the media coverage of this siege. It is also reported that hundreds of people were massacred in bombing of the Eid prayers at the end of Ramadan. The entire city is being made to pay the price of slow painful death for refusing to give up their democracy as well as their loyalty to Muammar Qaddafi who originates from this place.

There is fighting in Azzawiya.  ITAR-TASS gave a report on the atrocities that are being committed by the NATO-rebels in this city.  It is claimed that the Libyan Defense Forces used tactical SCUD missiles against NATO-rebel forces in Misrata.

Benghazi: It is worthy to highlight what is going on in Benghazi.  Social chaos exists between four centers of power in Cyrenaica (the east of Libya): The Obeid tribe, the Haruba tribe, the Islamist gangs and the Middle Eastern mercenaries (from Qatar, Jordan, Tunisia, Egypt, etc).  It appears that this chaos has reached a critical mass.  There are reports of clashes between different factions of the NATO-rebels there, and even the use of NATO air power against the NATO-rebels of Benghazi.

It is possible that the tribes of Cyrenaica have decided that it is time to liberate all of Libya, and to join the union of tribes that support the Libyan Jamahiriya.  The wind of change is thus blowing in favor of Muammar Qaddafi and the Jamahiriya

Algeria: Algeria is going to send humanitarian aid to Libya.  Syrian and Algerian computer hackers attacked the website of the Al-Jazeera television station which has been subservient to the Emir of Qatar where it is based, the Emir being a rent-boy prostitute of Hilary Clinton according to detractors of the dictator.  The governments of Mali and Niger are concerned about the appearance of armed men who might destablizie their areas, while Africa gears up to send support for Libya to repulse the NATO-led Al-Qaida.

In the last 72 hours, the Libyan Armed Forces killed at least 128 rebels and 25 vehicles, including 2 tanks, the report said.  According to various estimates, from 70 to 80 percent of Libyan territory is under the control of the Libyan Armed Forces and the tribes that are loyal to Colonel Gaddafi, the report concluded.

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One response to “Russian Report confirms 70-80% of Libya remains under Gaddafi Control

  1. Tex

    September 9, 2011 at 6:02 pm

    Perhaps Russia should listen to its own intelligence services and realize that the NTC and NATO have no future in Lybia. I have no idea why Russia would have recognized an unelected puppet government whose leaders are anti-Russian, anti-black, and residing mostly outside of their own country. What NATO thought would be a quick disposition of the Ghadafi regime has, as elsewhere, awakened a peaceful people and all of its tribes in a momentous war against NATO.


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